Payson Pie Run!

Flight school, a part time job, and working towards earning a four year college degree; all while working towards the ultimate goal of flying for a major airline. All of these pressures in life can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Countless hours of studying, running from class to class, and flying in our work clothes is what it’s going to take to become a commercial airline pilot that many young aviators dream about.

In spite of dealing with all of these stresses, it is important to never forget why we began flying; the simple joy of feeling the airplane gliding through the sky and forgetting the worries that await us on the ground.

Lining Up & Wait, 03 KSDL

Lining up and wait; Runway 21

After studying endless hours for several final exams, then switching our study focus to instrument rating; calls for a stress reliever. What is the best way to relieve this stress? A quick flight to Payson Airport (KPAN) for a slice of pie! After switching from coffee shop to coffee shop, hoping that a change in environment would help us regain our focus on school; the only option was to drive to the airport and jump in an airplane.

We effectively put a small flight plan together, received a weather briefing, and completed the pre-flight inspection. With our game plane in motion and ready to go; clear skies forecasted were forecasted for our flight. We entered our flight plan into the GPS, then eagerly taxied the Cessna 172R to runway 21 at Scottsdale Airport. Northbound departure approved by tower, and our mini adventure has begun. Climbing to 7,500 feet the stress of the day seemed to fade away, as we climbed higher and came closer and to our final destination. Ten miles out we began the descent checklist and started our descent into KPAN. A smooth landing on runway 24, an expedited taxi to the Crosswinds Restaurant ended this 40 minute flight to Payson Airport. We swiftly tied down the airplane, then proceeded to walk into the restaurant for the much needed slice of pie we had been thinking about all morning and during our flight. 

As we relaxed at the Crosswinds Restaurant, looking out the window watching other inbound aircraft land; talking about the pleasures of aviation, is exactly what we needed to clear our minds to regain focus on studying for finals. We thanked the friendly staff at the restaurant, paid out tab, and walked out to the ramp with our bellies filled of homemade pie. Our mini adventure was coming to an end, but we were ready to tackle the books once again!

Frequencies set, heading back to KSDL

After pre-flighting the airplane, we departed runway 24 back to our home airport, Scottsdale Airport. This mini adventure is exactly what we needed to relax, and let our minds recover from studying. The simple pleasures of soaring through the sky and feeling limitless left us ready to conquer our up coming exams with confidence! Payson Airport (KPAN) is on AZPilotLife’s list of quick getaways. We recommend KPAN if you are looking for a nice refreshing and relaxing flight! Safe-Flying!




Flying over Saguaro Lake on our way to KSDL

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